Book Doodle : Purple hibiscuss by Chamamanda Ngozi Adichie

Hello lovings !😊 Yes today I am doodling Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s book. She is an African author of Americanah, Half of a yellow sun, We should all be feminist, The thing around my neck, The arrangement etc
I was very reluctant to read this book. The truth is, I only went for it because of the author. Trust me I know less about flowers or plants.

Honestly, can parents be consistent ? you know the feeling when you feel loved some days and the others are all bummer or even worse feel like you adopted ? is it normal to make your child question your love for him/her? trust me we can differentiate between discipline and opportunity to express your bitterness. apologies I didn’t mean to be personal.

Here is the thing.I am obsessed with the age group aspect and timing because I believe that the treatment we get when we young becomes detrimental effect to our lives.
So now in this book (visualize it) the main character is a 15 year old girl called Kambili living with her strict father (Catholic) whom she desperately longs to impress and her mother who hardly even utter a word about life but worship her husband and a brother who seem to be understood by the father.😳  Imagine if she didn’t have a liberated and loving aunt?, can you see the drama already? can you tell what kind of a woman this man wanted to groom?

This novel is intriguing and relatable. I mean our main character is young woman in the year of the absence of feminism movement. One thing we need to know is that ,for you to survive, you must be in arena, be BRAVE be VULNERABLE. Most of us wait for the rain in winter and the truth is it hardly rains in winter. GET UP . DO SOMETHING. If you don’t trust me. Read this book.
Let’s do this...

Thank lovings for taking your time reading my book Doodle.

Love you allβ™₯οΈπŸ˜πŸ’“

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