I’m back to my favorite spot on the internet.

Hey lovings. 😊 OK I admit👐, I sometimes get carried away by life and it’s perks and pitfalls, which is not good but I am back now. Apologies for my on n off’s.

I have been busy and a bit discouraged to write again. I even forgot this is the place I can express my feelings instead I was using my little book to scrap my feelings.

It was not easy to pull through and surely it will never be easy as I progress in life but most of all during my drama/psychology recess I learnt that.

By Dj Sbu

I think this is the time where we consider a “decision made” as impasse. Reading books and inspiring movies keeps me going. And I also realized most introverts are a bit torrid. Which is why sometimes it’s also difficult for us to start conversations or find a person to talk to and what’s not but this time I am challenging myself to read more books. 😂😂 LOL you thought I would say initiate conversation? Nah that is my next long term goals.

Thank you for taking your time listening to me complaining.


What are you currently challenging yourself to do? Especially in these quarantine time?

Please feel free to share 😊

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