What you didn’t know about 🥚EGGS🥚.

Hey lovings😊 So today this is what happened to me, I was not in the mood for cereals but I wanted to eat breakfast.I had to look for what I love, it had to be healthy and Boom!!This⬇️ YouTube video popped up.

This video does not allow me to talk too much because it has a lot. You might be bored but I promise you knowledge is power and it will be worth it.

So I always knew eggs🥚 are proteins but the benefits is too much. Imagine being worried about something that’s actually good for you. I am proud of myself.

I know I am not alone. I mean eggs are healthy and money saver at times, you can have them for breakfast and also for lunch or dinner. BONUS💃😛 I come from villages and I still maintain what I enjoy eating. Porridge and eggs Yoooh heaven!!!🤩😍🤩. I don’t care if now I stay in town or not. It still works for me.

Let me try to be honest, the aim of the post again is to tag you all lovings along with me🙈🙈🙈( only if you not allergic)

Now you understand my mood right now??

I love you❤️❤️ , Take care of yourselves….

Love Musa💓❤️

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