What you don’t know about Instant Noodles.

Hello lovings😊. I know it’s boring sometimes “evidently” but it’s very important to talk about it. I usually talk about my discoveries and experiences. So you see it’s necessary to clear my chest in public so I can help the next person who didn’t know like me before.

Thing is we all want short cuts as long as they won’t get us in trouble.

Are you aware that most food are only advertised positively and their cons are hardly spread? because no one cares about them since they not blatant or popular. This takes me back to what I always ask my self.

Why do people like saying they don’t care? I fail to get it. How do you not care about what involves you?

Look instant noodles are very convenient to almost all of us. They do not require a lot. Its easy and quick to cook,takes less than 5 minutes depending on your preferences, most kids love them and they are affordable and found almost in every shop that sells food.

I understand the above statement, back to reality. Prons and cons. You know it’s possible to have more prons and less cons but the cons may be too heavy that it will affect you badly.

India scandal

Last time I checked instant noodles such as Maggi had a background story of monosodium glutamate which is used to enhance the flavour but in their removed news they said it had a lead and got banned in India which made people angry but somewhere somehow they were back in shops again,but this doesn’t change the fact that they contain high amount of sodium,imagine if you eat them everyday or maybe 3 times a week 🙆🙆🙆.

Your body weight

If you body cautious like me and don’t like gym. Please don’t over eat them because they will help you gain weight. Dont be fooled by this low amount of calories. They contain fat and large amount of sodium, apparently they can lead to obesity.

Did you know?

Remember they take time to digest which will affect your digestive system which can affect your intestine and also may have bloating problems,weight gain,allow constipation and other disease.

You aware it can also affect the development of foetus?which means Miscarriage, it has a ingredient called Strydom agent which can cause cancer?

Disclaimer : Eating the instant noodles everyday made me realise that I have gained weight and also noticed the constipation but was not sure if it’s the noodles or not.

What to do with your Noodles

I am not saying don’t eat instant noodles,atleast once a week or whenever you prepare them make sure you add vegetables with high protein to balance your nutrients.I believe fruits can also help.

Some people suggest one to even eat wheat noodles,truth I don’t know them but apparently they healthy too.

Others suggest to never eat them right before you sleep.Well this applies to most food.

So Let’s take care of our health and be cautious of what we eat. I was not but now I am very obsessed with living healthy to avoid going back and forth to the hospital or clinic not even phone call consultation💁💁

We all know that nothing comes easy.It raises an eyebrow and brings lots of questions and you should also be worried about the results more.

What would make you eat noodles twice a day despite the consequences?

Love Musa.❤️💓

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