Hello lovings😊. Today I couldn’t let this slide.i must share with you. So I was watching a video on YouTube about the secret to an extraordinary life by Courtney Ferrel.

There is always highlights from everything you see,watch or discuss.Those you must hold on or never forget.Those that stands out or shake your well being.

So I decided to atleast share with you the lessons I learnt from this woman( the mother of 3 children).her energy,passion,confidence is on another level. So far that’s the best Tedx talk that made me move from my comfortable sit to the one infront facing the sunrise.

The following are 10 lessons from GIRLUP : The secret to an extraordinary life from TEDXRVA BY Courtney Ferrel.

  1. Always carry your self confidence and creative spirit, it’s very important
  2. Self confidence is knowing that you are bigger than you are now.
  3. Perfection is not human quality, must let it go
  4. Be authentic meaning if that’s not you don’t do it,the same as if that you then do it.
  5. Trust your gut.
  6. Remember that your physical decisions are inexplicably tied to your emotional well being.
  7. If someone treat you mean or make you feel less than you are,really cut them out,also don’t forget to say “it’s over”.
  8. Every guy you meet wants to sleep with you and that is not a compliment.
  9. Mentors are very important in life,someone who will make you feel bigger than you are even when you messed up
  10. Lastly take other women along with you, They are not your rivals.

She literally closed her talk to say you must take care of yourself,believe in yourself,breakup with that guy and lastly be self confident and bring other girls with you.

This did not just touch me but made me realise that a mentor can not just be that one you see physically but even a person you follow online,just don’t be ignorant and atleast be good enough.plus she mentioned 3 kind of love which are very interesting and challenges you emotionally. We have self love,romantic love and community love which are all important. We should learn from her. I promise you. We will go far.

I love you all❤️, take care.