Hey lovings.😊 I hope y’all are good and taking good care of yourselves because it’s rough out here.

Imagine you walking on the street and you hear a voice on your back close to ear saying ” lethi phone” meaning ”give me your phone” what do you do? Run? Continue walking but increase the pace? It’s scary and confusing right?

All I remember is I was from work heading to my place, well it was late and I had a very great day but a bit disappointed because WOW 😂 Moroka swallows soccer team just also disappointed me infact I don’t want to talk about it.

The street was still busy and I got off the taxi on the street before mine but I could literally see my place because it’s at the corner when I was called by a guy standing right behind the wall I chose to ignore and guess what? There was already one guy infront of me facing the opposite direction I took a step back when I realise there is no way because someone is already behind me.

I don’t know who would think that but I did,I thought it was a joke or I am dreaming but when I saw the guy who was next to the wall taking out the knife I had to surrender. The one at the back took my bag off me, I was in no position of saying anything because the one infront was already threatening me. They said it again ”lethi phone” (bring your phone). The girl was surprised and told them it’s in the bag when they started searching her” it was not easy but I had to to be strong enough to show no fear.

They split after getting my stuff, these guys are crazy. I’m just a girl how do you come to me at once,couldn’t they just send one? Maybe I would have got my fair chance of fighting back. Kidding! There was no way. Johannesburg is not that safe I had to let it be I mean you will never know what’s next.

Literally thats how I lost my two phones,money,stadium access card for work,favourite jersey and sandals.

Just be careful and be cautious of who is around you ,also avoid walking on pavements near shops when it’s late because WOW 🤦 those guys can have fun there,they just get one to distract you,not that hectic one but just call you or pssst you and Boom!! they are here and there is nothing you can do. I am saying this evidently.I’m just not so good in talking about serious stuff but atleast you get the picture.

I love you all❤️💓… TAKE CARE

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