Hello guys😊 Have you ever felt like you want to help the next person but don’t have the courage to tell? Sometimes it won’t make sense to intrude especially in the conversation of people you not even used to. Right now I am obliged to clear the air and voice out just not verbally.

Picture by Radu Marcusu.

So one time I was having an argument with my male friends, if it’s safe for women to eat peanuts or not. They always won their argument and used it always to not buy me peanuts, the next thing à pregnant woman was very reluctant to eat them because I mean surely she was told it’s not safe. The question is, is it really not safe? Or is just a myth?

Apparently peanuts are very effective and considered as smart choice of food. But why?

First of all peanuts contains folate, proteins, calories and unsaturated fats etc. There are certain amino acid, iron and monounsaturated fats which helps in treating certain diseases which may be troubling you.

We all know that peanuts can only be dangerous to those who are allergic to them. if not, Know that it can help prevent the following :

  • Heart disease
  • Gain weight
  • Depresseion
  • Constipation
  • Anemia or treat it.

Researchers and other studies claims that when a pregnant woman eat peanuts, it allows the baby to be acclamatised to them and reduces the risk of the baby becoming ALLERGIC. Well it is still an ongoing argument or research but it has nothing to do with affecting the baby badly or the pregnant woman too.

It’s always advisable to be sure you have no allergies because so far there is no evidence of peanuts being dangerous unless you allergic which can cause harm such as anaphylaxis (

Out of curiousity : would you rather not eat them and have nothing in your body that prevent something or eat them and allow them to prevent atleast the above mentioned diseases or situation?

According to information above, there is nothing wrong with peanuts in fact there is something good about it.

So yes it is safe for pregnant woman to eat peanuts!!

Peanuts have the following benefits published by Health benefits

Benefits specifically for pregnant women by diet fit live fit.

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