The Importance of Drinking Water.

Hey lovings. ☺️ Out of curiosity, am I the only one feeling like this weather is weathering at times? The sun? Heat? I mean it’s Hot and it’s not even funny..

My main concern is that we go through the most all day be it sad leading crying, sweat for those who exercises etc which all these makes our body to lose fluids. Remember your body fluids must be balanced?

This is the time where lots of pressure, illnesses, disorders, brain not functioning well and what’s not arise, God blessed us with the cheapest medication to prevent all that.. Which I believe is through water.

Picture by Mrjn photography.

Now let’s talk about the importance of drinking water because literally dehydration is not going to make you feel any better about your self or health apart from prone to the above mentioned risks and others.

Just so you know water is very important for kidneys and body functions which depend on water. Most importantly it forms saliva and mucus, clean your body and deal with your digestive system.

So we should all know by now that water helps to deliver oxygen through your body, to lose weight, better your skin and health, Your brain and others.

Disclaimer : I evidently learnt that water can help flush down bodily waste, which means it also helps to prevent constipation at times depending on your diet.

I have réaliséd that most people hardly drink water while others don’t drink enough per day which is very dangerous and not healthy. There is a reason why most athletes always drink water also they must gain their strength. I agree it’s not easy because we all want taste and water is not one of those hence people tend to depend on soda or acid drinks which are not even healthy in most cases.

We need to take care of our bodies. its very important,atleast we have prévention. Imagine if drugs where the only option here to do that? Let’s avoid unnecessary treatment or even having to spend money to be healthy.


You will thank me later.

The following is the amount of water a person can consume per day since it’s crucial to drink water on a day to day life.