Hello lovings. 😊 Owh yes it is my favorite fruit, very unique. And we all know it’s relatively high in fats but did you know those are healthy fats?

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Some people wants to lose weight, So they distanced themselves from avocado. I love avocado, also I was worried about the weight loss or gain. When I found out it is also rich in nutrients. It made sense to me and that to me, meant you can add it on your diet but watch the portion of it a day.

Guess what I found again?

It helps to lose weight because it lower desires to eat which in turn reduces the chances of adding unnecessary or even necessary calories. In a nutshell it makes you feel full for some time.

Some are still reluctant because of the word


This is not just any fats but monounsaturated fats. Now what are the benefits of monounsaturated fats? Follow the link below. Ruairi Robertson, PhD said “they are those healthy fats found in olive oil, avocado’s and certain nuts” he adds on that they reduces the risk of heart disease, help lose weight and decrease inflammation.

The good news about this monounsaturated fats is that it has many different types and I am only going to mention one based on the headline.. The Oleic Acid the most common one found in diet. Find the link below about the types of these fats.

The good news again for those who love avocado’s like me and feel daunted because they don’t want to mess their diet or to avoid gaining weight, dont worry at all. The good news is we all need some fats in our body atleast healthy one but it would be advisable to also play around them, sometimes eat nuts also to use olive oil in most cases.

I know some are very cautious and would rather see the nutrition stats of avocado,the following is the stats but for now don’t be afraid to take care of your health and do research when you not sure.

Your health comes first, So to close the confusion . I would SAY :


Find the link below about everything you need to know about them.


1. The types of Monounsaturated fats

2. Everything you need to know about Avocado.

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