Hello lovings😊. I should probably start by dancing

I am not trying to bore you with these but to me it’s a progress. I can’t stop dancing, like I am proud of myself. 💃💃

OK, let me be serious, Remember the first meal of the day is very important😔 I on the other side struggle and it’s not even funny. 😔 I always play first impression and it never lasts. I am supposed to be worried right?

I still recall my first challenge of doing cornflakes which I felt they kept me chewing for some time I can not deal with🤦‍♀️. I added Banana, atleast made justice to them,but still get tempted to skip the meal and do it anyway.

So every morning was a struggle because the discipline and self debate takes over.

You will find me next to the fridge looking at what I cooked last night. One thing for sure they never dissapoint me. Luckily my instinct still works they can be like “try out cereals for today and take cooked meal for lunch at work”. That’s the only way I survive or escape the temptation.

I would take breakfast to work but on the way to take a taxi I can pass by Boxer buy 1/4 chicken and fried chips by that time I have lunch too. What does that mean? I am not gonna touch the breakfast food/ cereal I took from home and end up bringing it back home. This is sad but yeeiy! 🙅‍♀️I am done with that life. Trust me.

Motivation does work Sometimes.

I mean I was on Instagram scrolling people’s profile and one healthy fanatic person posted their picture with a caption of what they eat yoh😭 the weak side of me become my very big weakness right at that moment. So decided to head to the shop to get my cereal challenge.

First in my cardboard I have different kinds of cereals which I tried to challenge myself with,

I have Cornflakes, Weetbix, Nutrific, Future life and Jungle oats and I still failed to be consistent. fortunately jungle oats happen to be my colleagues favorite at work. They even cook it at work and share it. So I decided to try out instant and I saw progress I went to buy it again, consists of 10 packs inside Oh WELL, I never finish even one pack but atleast I am consistent now.

Disclaimer : Apple and Cinnamon flavour 😍 Heaven!!! So basically it does not need anything to be added for taste or even after taste. The first spoon I took, surprised 😲 and waited a minute to let the feeling sync in well and repeated it to be sure about the taste and it was mouth watering. I immediately fell inlove with it.

I am very loyal if you don’t betray me.So this right now I am crossing my fingers🤞 @junglesouthafrica.

All I wanted was to try to break a record of eating my healthy breakfast, I only have a week and hoping for the best..never lose hope. I am literally holding on right now. 😎 Let’s do this…💝

Love Musa ❤️

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