Bookspiration – The Earth My Butt and other Big things around by Carolyn Mackler

Hello lovings😊. It’s been a while since we talked about books right? I am stern with book inspiration situation. My day was supposed to be long but because of this baby below, it became a bit shorter and interesting.

First let’s talk bout the cover page, interesting and appealing right? Exactly. Wait until you read it. I think I have recently fall in love with teen main characters. Let’s applaud Carolyn Mackler the author of love and other four-letter word. 👏👏👏

I very much enjoyed myself reading this book I promise you, it was the most intriguing book I ever read which denied me the chance to procrastinate as I am the “queen of procrastination” and still get my things done it time.

So it touches the element of love, parenting, friendship, trust, unconscious abuse, confidence, self hatred and life in general.

It’s basically about a kid called Virginia (15) who is odd in the family, which made her question ” if she has not been switched from birth” because she is nothing like her perfect family, worse she is the youngest. She fails to understand her parents as they seem not to recognised her. She starts questioning her family values after her brother’s horrifying incident and suspension in college. She ended up being a content creator after gaining confidence and 😂 doing crazy things such as purple hair plus where all the confidence started eyebrow ring piercing. Her affair with froggy started when she still hated the mirror.

From Self hatred

Virginia didnt like mirror also didn’t have one. She had only one best friend and her teacher on her side the rest didnt care about her, maybe Froggy too😏.She wanted to loose weight and look like popular girls at school. She respected and worshipped her older brother whom didn’t make her feel any better about herself. Her mother only cared about the health and pressurising her.

To confidence.

Her biggest finding in this was the fact that her mom is queen of Nile and her true self.

Most parents may disagree with Virginia’s choices, due to piercings and all I sort of understand but personally I agree with her for her braveness and growing ability to stand her ground despite everything happening in the family.

This book is easy to read and very persistant. I recommend you check it out.. You won’t regret.

Thank you so much for your time 💐💝and please keep learning, let’s equipp ourselves. It’s called growing mentally and emotionally.

I appreciate y’all❤️.