Hello lovings💝.You know today I was just chilling with my male friends and we were talking about women in general, at some point one complained about women being tricky. Sometimes you don’t know what to talk about with them. Well true, sometimes it depends on the kind of woman,but to try accommodate most of them.

I came up with the following list of topics which are easier to talk about.


This one is very tricky.

Most women wouldn’t want to talk about their previous love and would also find it crazy if you ask them if they inlove with you or not..

Maybe, I mean maybe if you just try to find their view or perspective about love and what it means to them.


This topic is used more often to score a date, especially with a friend or colleague also with someone you went on a date with once and think second date would work.

You can be smart if you find out their favorite genre and how often does she watch movies, her interest and make sure you use it for your next move, things will get better.


Recently women care a lot about their stomach politics.

first thing when you say you going out they want to know if there is food or drinks and what kind?

During dates maybe, you can discuss the kind of food she likes. If you guys are close, you can suggest to challenge her, in terms of you buying her what you love or she eats what you love, to create some good conversation around that.


Music can help you create a conversation a good one in fact.

Ask her the kind of music she listen to. For instance if you picked her up especially, can also allow her to play her own Playlist so you can be able to discuss it. Man have this tendency of assuming which ends up boring us women. In most cases woman listen to boring music owh yeah deal with it. It will pass and you will get used to it.


It seems like everyone wants to travel these days. Aniway, these type of topic are called smile broadening topic.

Find out the the places she visited before and those she would want to visit. Be sure not to brag too but can also share a bit of your experiences and recommendations, only if you know somehow you would want to take them😜 don’t kill me🙌 I am just saying.


These can be a lil fun topic just like friends topic.

Talk about their daily routine, what they do usually when at home or their spare time, what would they like to do. Be sure not to judge or to sound like one.

Simple as that!


This one is tricky and not for everyone. Need to be extra careful,Must be sure the individual is working and have goals or direction.

You also don’t have to brag about your job and don’t have to play low key too because it might affect you. Better talk about your job and the things you enjoy to transition to asking her about hers but also be prepared to be there because it may be deep, most women face difficulties at work and it may be emotional or Not.


You would want to know her circle,the kind of people she deals with on a daily basis.

It’s also a fun topic. Women wouldn’t mind talking for some time about their friends and the things they do. Even if it’s boring be sure not to show it.

Ask her about how often does she go out with the friends? What’s her best memories with them but also be ready for incase she is drowning in a pool of frienemies then the topic will go profound.


Try not to use this as a platform of exchanging qualifications but getting to know what she is passionate about and her take on education.

Also not a topic for every individual. Truth is only a few wouldn’t mind talking about this.

Find out if she would prefer university or college based on their teaching dynamics, Try to elaborate a bit to open a good conversation out of that leading to what they love the most about their career or field of study.


This is usually a good topic for extroverts. The topic it self does not accommodate everyone.

You should also be good in terms of telling that, you don’t want to bore someone’child. You don’t want to seem crazy and create uncomfortable space for her.

I told you not to worry I got you covered🙈. Just make sure the girl/woman is happy and comfortable. We really addicted to healthy and fun space. I hope I made justice. 😊😂 Also take it easy. Don’t force talk about everything at a time.

Thank you for taking your time to read my post really appreciate it. 💐