Hello guys❤️I hope you doing good and did something productive today or even learning something new. Well my day was very long, So thought I should actually talk about the things that speed up my long days also known as my spare days. We all have that free time, I know that someone will say “I don’t”

Hobbies are these things we do in between our times to speed up our day without us noticing, and also to help us escape the boredom.

Most of you are Probably like, writing is not a hobby? Well it is to some people and you are right, to me now its not, I’m definitely going after it. #period.

Imagine sitting the whole day without doing anything, communicating with anyone like literally doing nothing? I promise you, you will feel like the time is no moving. It’s just static. What else would happen apart from falling asleep?

Anyway, I also have hobbies or should I say other hobbies? Just so you understand Hobbies are literally our daily bread during our spare time or days.

Someone would say when I am not at work, trust me I sleep the whole day, wake up, eat, then sleep again. I mean that’s their daily bread,we can’t judge while on the other hand it’s me who is weird around, loving things. Don’t judge me I am an introvert but find me in my own space hahah🤦‍♀️🤣 a proper extrovert.

Actually Let me just dive in the list of my Hobbies one time.

1. Writing. (The DNA of hobbies ofcourse)

2. Reading.

3. Watching movies. (Definately not horror. NO!)

4. Dancing & singing. ( a lot yoh💃🎤)

5. Cooking. (As long as pumpkin is not on the list)

6. Playing darts. 🎯

7. Photography.

And lastly Aspiring travelor (I wish I could get to this point. Do you understand how I feel about it? It’s a serious matter)

Thank you for taking your time to read my post ❤️ sharing my hobbies. I know forsure we have different hobbies and that’s what makes us different and more reason we shouldn’t Judge.

Do what you love and comfortable with during your spare time. 💝

I love you.❤️

5 Thoughts

  1. I enjoy watching movies too, but I have to say one of my favorite genre is in the horror, suspense, thriller category. I think I may have some issues that I am unaware of lol.


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