SDEKE!!! Yesterday!

Hello guys😊 I know I seem to talk too much but Yoh I have a lot in my mind I really need to offload this, I can’t anymore.

So y’all remember that song Yesterday by Toni Braxton ft Trey songs?

This is how I relate to it.

“Gave the benefit of the doubt

Till you showed me what you were about

Your true colors came out”

Just these first chorus. Already it was communicating with me, I was warned not to listen to soppy music when sad but I didn’t listen and guess what? I did today. Everything I thought I forgot came back.

I remember how much he wanted me in his life, calling everyday not even ALMOST but everyday. I got used to it but I was still not trusting him enough. One day he decided he really wants to brand me. Can you believe it? Me? Anyway because I had doubt I refused but 🙈 I loved him. You don’t know how much I was thinking about him all the time but consoling myself that I made the right decision.

Wait? Did I just not call him few months later on? Please don’t be like.. Because right now I even know, I am sure I can be a lyric writer for Toni Braxton especially for this song.. Specifically this part.

“Baby what you’re saying to me is

There is no more you and I

I couldn’t get it right on yesterday

So kiss our tomorrow’s goodbye.”

You know I hate these words with all my heart

“I should have known” reason being I can’t change anything they all yesterday..


Imagine if held on to my plan. This was not going to happen. I am really not a song writer to be honest, I have no idea but right now I even get the point and understand where she comes from. At this point I don’t want anything anymore to do with him anymore. Man can be tricky at times. So I decided that, which Toni Braxton says it better :

“Honey, you are Yesterday

I won’t let you rain on my parade

I don’t wanna hear a thing you say, so Yesterday.”

I promise you I have learnt my lesson and Wow.!😔It’s hard out there but it’s still your choice at the end of the day. It’s either you listen to your instinct or you will become a song lyrics writer or translator.

Thank you for reading❤️ and please be open to share how you relate to the song.

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