Hello guys 😊 a day just after weekend.

I know a lot might still have hangovers whereas others are from church. The truth is we all want to achieve something at the end of the day despite our yesterday deeds. Monday is when the process to reach our goals resumes while to others begin.

I realised there is a thin line between decision and action. We all know action is better than words but people tend to choose the easy route which is words, you know why?🤔 Because action sometimes has to do with sweats, dedication, focus etc in which lots of us can not deal with. We will rather have a figurative situation than a literal one.

Wish is not independent but always accompanied by action. It

Look at this. I really want a car and you know what I have learnt? You know why I wake up everyday and think of doing something? Cars are only found in dealerships, Auctions or Garage. And there is only one way for me to get it, buying it. I can’t go there and tell them I wish I can have that car🤦‍♀️because already I know their response. I need to work hard so I can make money then visit them with the cash so I can fulfill my wish.

You know 😒Success cannot be completed by talking and wishing or thinking. Must work for it. Can you please take a pen and jot down your plans or make that phone call you always wanted to or rather send that email. It will be worth it, be it you get positive feed back or not atleast you know how far you are and you can get to your next move.

I don’t really plan my week😜 but I promise I always know what I am going to do tomorrow. Who else is like me or has plan for a week or month or a year? Lets help each other.

I hope this inspirational quote will help yo do something you proud of today.

Have a blessed and productive day. ❤️💐

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