How can a “person” inspire you?

I personally think a personal inspiration is when you see someone do in good, Which leads you to feel the need to improve yourself and makes you want to create something that will be inspiring too. Some people call it passive.

I choose to be inspired by things which are touchable, things which you can respond to, can give feedback and what of a human being and understand life in different angles.

There are lots of things which can inspire us but I choose a “Person” to inspire me, you or us.

1. follow an inspirational person

I have realised that learning about great people inspire you to do great things yourself.Inspiration occurs in many different ways.

You can learn about a motivational speaker who motivate you to gain self confidence or to understand the world better and help you achieve your goal because you have learnt from them.With inspirational people it’s always advisable not to put pressure on yourself because it might end up making you helpless and not being able to execute anything because you will be doing things under pressure

.- Watching videos about famous people who makes a difference.

– Articles about them and those dedicated to them

– watching their inspirational video or reading their blogs and others.

2. Repeatedly doing or Teaching people what you love and do best.

The nice thing about this it’s that you either inspired by your trainee to dig deep in your own goal or inspired by yourself to do more.

Let me begin with an example. If you love cooking and constantly cook. It will spark creative ideas and helps you try new things without hesitations.It can Also serve as self inspiration.

I believe that also when you teach someone about something you know and love, you get to understand it deeply and can easily play around it or even help you get even more creative or help you get different approach which is more convient and simple.Not the ordinary teaching which is just fixed situation and doesn’t allow you to work around it like “teaching in primary/ secondary school” I can say for instance, catering or baking.

When you bake more often you turn to effectively enjoy and become more effective it’s just like when you teach someone you turn to understand and be aware of those tiny mistakes you used to do and feel the need to do more and leave a mark.It’s like you helping yourself self to grow, you inspiring yourself to do more, to try new things to also explore in this department.

3. Surround yourself with people with same goals or thinkers.

When you with thinkers having just an ordinary but interesting conversations about anything in particular or general topics can also spark ideas and serve as an inspiration.

You know listening to someone who is successful talking about themselves, how they got to where they are now and what they want to do, when you know they are far from where you are might help you to come out of your comfort zone and apply your creative mind.

There are lots people out there with same mentality but you will never know if you keep surrounding yourself with people who do not help you grow.There are websites or groups or clubs which you can join and meet up with people with the same mentality.

Few sites to check out for inspiration.

1. Meet.

2. TED

All the best in getting inspired to do good.


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