It’s not necessary to respond to everything in a relationship or friendship.

We all have that little feeling in ourselves to respond to every argument. I tell you I had Ego and Pride to always respond. It felt righteous most of the time to do it. But is it really necessary?

Let’s talk about it in

1. Rlationships

One thing I have learnt is some people are easily provoked and always want to defend themselves whereas others just want to create commotion.

Imagine the relationship of both parties who always want to be right or with Egos? There will always be issues or unnecessary fights because they all feel the need to say what’s on their mind or to prove that one know more than the other, if not then the other will suffer the consequences of always being suppressed or oppressed

Imagine again having a boyfriend with ego and always up for arguments and fights or doesn’t want all those two but feel the need to always be dominant or rather push an authoritative vibe in your relationship. I suggest that Whenever he starts with you, you just stay silent and listen to him until he finish talking. Sometimes it’s not necessary to challenge this kind of person. On the other side “what are you doing with a person who doesn’t value your opinions or views and feel the need to always impose his thoughts on you”

Funny enough these people who likes talking/defending themselves or just making noise end up making blurt statements and can not be undone. The next thing they expect that statement to be forgotten just like that and claim that they didn’t mean what they said.

The question is ” then where does it come from?” your mind just decided to create a statement and let’s you say it while you never even thought about? Also I can’t be arguing with you about this. Its not necessary.

I really don’t agree with the fact that people can’t keep their mouth shut when they angry. What happened to curbing yourself? Calling yourself into order? Or rather take a break and let everything sync in then you can talk some sense. People say things and when you respond to them now they shift the whole blame to you. That’s not good, that’s why you shouldn’t respond to such at that moment.

The best medicine can be silence, when your partner starts creating drama unless he communicate with you like a civilised person but putting blame on you always and raising voice on you. NAH! 🤦‍♀️I think you should just shut up because that’s not on, also you need to find a better time to address it with that person because no one is a robot, You can’t be vomiting on other people and expect them to swallow that there is a reason we have things like Toilet.

2. Friendship

Some people just believe in making life difficult. A person can just create commotion out of nowhere and expect you to join him. NAAH! guys it doesn’t work like that, you can’t expect me to have your akin.

Some friends would want to be consulted with everything you do whereas they don’t do the same. When you don’t they feel hurt and find friends to discuss you with. I promise you don’t respond to it to avoid unnecessary argument because sure case they would want to defend themselves and play all innocent on you. Just be you and do you, even if it means a little distance it shouldn’t be obvious because now they would want explanation and once it gets to that point, that’s when you gonna have unnecessary argument and things might end up bad.but if you strong enough to face them, I mean why not you can leave that friendship because the truth is its not worth it.

Sometimes you find yourself in a conversation with your friends Whereby you not comfortable with, shut up. I mean you not comfortable, why are you talking? I promise you once you do that, you will thank your self later. Stop involving yourself in things which are not worth it all in the name of fitting in.

A friend decides to accuse of something you did not do or did but not intentionally. I think you should respond once just to let him know it was not intentional but if it escalate Yooh! just don’t respond at all. I bet it won’t go as far as they would want it to be even though some are a little crazy and will go around talking to people about it or you. In this case respect yourself enough to know that you have no reason to prove yourself or what’s not. You are not that friend or yours, so you don’t have to be following his/her footsteps to avoid situations wherby now you have to explain yourself and all, the next thing all you can do or say to defend yourself is “he started first” then “what did you do about it?” and now what’s the difference between you and her?

Generally some people don’t have lives, all they do is to distract you, to make sure your life seem worthless while not, To disturb your peace. Avoid such things they are very unnecessary. You will hear them through the kind of conversation they bring on the table.. Your choice either to entertain it or not but I personally say stay away or just shut up.

I know it’s very tempting or hard or otherwise but sometimes it’s just not necessary to be involved in other conversations to avoid unnecessary arguments.

All the best in trying to be you and not responding to everything that’s comes your way and if it means giving them a space then why not.


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