Five things Woman must do after breakup.

Breakup it’s not an easy thing to deal with especially that emotions are involved and sometimes it may feel like they beyond your control and seem to can not curb them. In most cases they cheating on you or they just dumped you in the middle of burning love.

Here are 5 things to follow to avoid making funny decisions and torturing yourself over someone who doesn’t care

1. Block him on social media and delete those contact no.

I know a lot believe in just blocking him/her on social media and claim they will move on. You want to know something? Sometimes it won’t hurt to put your self first for the sake of your happiness.

If you really love a person and they decide to treat you like trash then you break up with them,that doesn’t mean you done with them, you just unplugged the plug but if you sure you want to get over it, give that person a space.

When you delete their contact you most likely to communicate with them, we all human beings and temptations can be a sickness just don’t do it. For your own good

Avoid seeing what they do with who because it might affect you. Just avoid seeing Him and everything that has to do with him.

You know men have this stupid idea of, they can get whoever they want and still make sure you know or see without making any effort now it’s up to you if you give them that privilege or platform

Avoid engaging with your ex or having arguments with him. I repeat Avoid!

2. Don’t play that sappy music!

Most Woman believe in consoling themselves and trying to relate and also claims it helps them feel better because they know they not alone or its easier for them to escape their emotions.

Pretend it’s a normal day and play songs for fun and sing along if that’s what you always do but just don’t break down as you relate, that’s not a good idea like not at all.

Stop depressing yourself, you can’t be sad and want to listen to sad stories to be happy there is no way.

This kind of music make you feel the need to do the right thing which is to communicate back or call. I bet it’s a wrong move.

3. Be busy.

Woman tend to be alone in their room thinking hard about those moments or maybe they just on their phones doing none.

You can substitute those times and him

I’m sure if you have a book to read or work if not academic work to do. You can also learn how to bake. like just do something.

Your hobbies can also help you keep your head in the game.

Go out with your friends, the friends who will not feel sorry for you but take the day as normal.

If you into fitness, might as well start doing it.

Have something interesting to do rather than torturing your self with the past.

And please eat, this thing of fasting for the wrong reason it’s not gonna help,just eat as normal as it is unless the fasting has to do with prayer but for no reason or because you say no appetite shouldn’t be a status symbol.

4. Learn and change perspective.

People tend to use their experiences and pass them to their next move. It happens mostly when you must find a boyfriend now you think they probably the same and then you get stuck in someone’s stupid behavior.

Look, you must learn from what happened and know what to avoid and to approach life in different angle, just be cautious and not apply it to everyone.

The truth is men are not the same for as much as they claim to be. That’s just an excuse, just most of them are driven by peer pressure. We all have minds and can think for ourselves.

I understand you love him which is normal but there are lots of man out there who can appreciate you and they have sense of humour.

Don’t let irresponsible man who does not love himself enough to drag you in his mess, there is no excuse for a man’s decision of hurting you while he knows that you love him. If he says he doesn’t love you anymore. Don’t beg him back because you will suffer, move on, develop that self love and show the next one how to love you by loving yourself first.

This thing of believing in someone to love us is definitely killing us. We need to paint a different picture.

Learn also to watch your reaction or responses because sometimes it’s a matter of how you respond to situations.

5. Move on.

I am not saying date someone but it’s always advisable to be with someone who appreciate you or maybe see no one either way As long as you don’t go back to someone who doesn’t respect you and your feelings.

Getting over someone is not an easy thing to do, it might take a while but try to maintain the trying and pushing situation of not disrespecting or disadvantaging yourself.

Learn to let the dead rest in peace…. Or else you will grief your whole life while they don’t see anything or rather don’t care…

Slay woman you still got this.

All the best…….

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