One thing I respect about Bonang Matheba

How she responds to situations

Picture from her Instagram account : Bonang Matheba.. Find the link below.

You know in life there are lots of challenges, some are minor, some are major whereas some aren’t even close but we people like classifying them as one.

To start with, lots of her fans are motivated and inspired by her all because of her lifestyle I promise you and those who complain usually complains about her personality at times, saying she thinks she is better because now she has money.. Wow🙄 guys. Let me distance myself from this.

Well I think we all know it’s not easy to climb stairs especially long ones. It needs persistant, courage, Hope and most of all perseverance atleast thats what people say but in this case I think it also needs a strong person with strong character that one person who value their goals more than anything else.

The reason I decided to talk about her it’s because I can relate and since I came to Johannesburg I bet she became one of people I can look up to not because she is “making the pots” but because of how she approach life, how she responds to situations and because she doesn’t do group of friends.

I am not sure as yet why she is like this but one time she was talking on REALTALK WITH AZANIA “you should have seen her” . She opened the show. I still remember she was asked so many questions that triggers, provoke and dig one’s personal infomation but she was consistant and maintained her level of respect for people and her self.

We all know she had a scandal about her previous boyfriend Euphonik and she learnt from it because of how people responded to the situation, and then she dated AKA. she was supposed to be involved in scandals, dramas and all but Nah! 🙄 She distanced her self from all that.

For instance some of her friends I don’t want to mention names because she reconciled with others decided to provoke her during the awards in which she was not there, mocking her and all on Television. Guess what? She didn’t respond to it. I was not suprised and I expected it because during one of her interviews she said that she does not like commotion and it all made sense again why she didn’t respond to her recent ex.

She also created a name for herself whereby fans and everyone knows that you disrespect her, she blocks you on social media, she doesn’t have time to be arguing with you.

It took me her interviews, reality show and celebrity dramas if not scandals especially on social media to understand her better and to see that she has a strong and unique personality and morals also the pride/love and respect for her self and her image.

One should really see how she portray herself, she does not pretend and for the fact that she once confessed in one of her interviews that she does breakdown but only do infront of people who cares about her. Made me view life in a another angle too that being popular or having money does not mean everyone will love you that includes people on your same level and does not mean you don’t go through the most

We can hold her successes a bit and be like what made her grow to start with? Will she have been this far if she was moved or easily distracted by social media movement? Fans? Friends? Imagine if now you value yourself enough and your goals to never let anything come between that includes the one you love the most, how far will you go? I mean you don’t have anything holding you up, no time to play reluctant movement.

I am at Awe when it comes to this women.

I’m sorry I won’t be talking about her background and successes..

Open to different opinion about her..

Picture :

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