Friends can be enemies of progress!

You know I can tell you, friends are needed in life, companions just like boyfriends but frustrating at times beacuse this is the part where the meaning of cautious is learnt and understood in relationships and friendships. I can tell you happiness is vital but what kind of happiness? It’s very absurd that people confuse it with exploitations. So basically life becomes serious and subtle when you always in a group of friends. Truth be told whether you like it or not. In each and every group there is always that one person who is the decision maker and listens to all the careless responds that the friends say, that’s because he or she is smart and understand better while some are not even smart they just passive.

The leaders in group of friends are usually the one with Money or the one who are smart? Or The ones who do well in class? Or The ones who are just naturally control freak and others just have strong characters which allows them to take over. It’s does not have to be an obvious situation but it is there I promise you. There is no such thing as “we all the same” there is always this one person always…

People. You need to know that in life to survive and to live a healthy life one needs to learn to accept. The thing is being in denial it’s not going to reduce any of your worries, problems or flash them away. It’s inconceivable that lots of teenagers makes decisions based on what their peers think or what’s happening around them. I feel like younger generation already programmed themselves that if they friends are not there to assist them they cannot do it..

I mean in a group of friends you end up living one person’s life, helping the person to get to where they want to be or helping the person to feel better about themselves. Some friendship can just hold you so you can remain level one just like them because they lazy to move to level two. Others are just there to distract you because they can see your potential. There might be a lot happening in which you not even aware of. Adopting the life you don’t like but because it seems Interesting and fun. I think one day one should just challenge his or her self, be it mentally or physically or both and stay away for sometime be alone for a week maybe and try to focus on themselves and see what will come out.

The challenge is that when you in groups, everyone wants to do good or better and strive to reach their goal to be precise but it’s also risky to be making it whereas the others are not.

Whats in your mind? They are happy?

What will happen next? Support you?

Are you sure you still in a healthy environment? You think you safe?

I am just worried about this younger generation to be honest. Who can hardly see if it’s time to grow from certain friendship well others do but because of no back bone they choose to ignore for sake of fun and to avoid disappointing their friends.

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