He must be atleast 90% what you want.

It all starts with what is called understanding and tolerance. I can’t include patience because once you tolerate a person it mean you taking your time. The truth is, it’s hard to find this one person whom you can confidently point him in the crowd not because you dating him or handsome but because he is just that one thing that doesnt require you to fill in the missing words .

Every woman is supposed to have an ideal man to avoid what’s happening currently with the boyfriends we dating right now all because of our feelings which can easily deceive anyone. More reason why people are caught up in situations. You love a person but you prefer a different companion. Can we have atleast 90% . Love him, his personality, atleast have few things you share in common to allow you not to be a couple in the room but also outside and everywhere. Right now people love each other sexually, if such exist but they can’t really sit together and have a decent conversation as couples. Sometimes I feel like social media save a lot of relationships because now they have something to keep them busy rather looking at each other’s eyes and getting to understand each other. They can’t go to their favorite places instead they do each other’s favors. I bet one will be tempted to go outside. We individuals and it happens naturally that we get tired of doing same thing we don’t like several times.

I want to be with him, watch movies together and disscuss them if necessary, his friends are coming in either I join or go to my room not because I don’t like them but because I am giving them space and I am not worried about him or them,have no problem when he goes out because I know the kind of person I am dealing with. Be the first person to call whenever I face trouble knowing your advices and how you perceive the world will not coward me somewhere somehow or even if it does we won’t point fingers but atleast deal with it together or have an alternative. Talk about my work situation and his, the goals. Assist each other where necessary, have direction even if we approach it in different ways. What matters is we going somewhere, not he is going somewhere or I am going somewhere.

Have you noticed that when you love someone and understand them you easily become interested in the things they do and vice versa.

Have an open minded kind of Boyfriend

Well I am saying this because being myself what matters the most apart from attractions it’s.

1. “How you as a man respond to situations”

I can’t live my whole life with you creating excuses for you or listening to your excuses. We all have have our differences. I don’t want to be like “No he is like this, I know whenever he is angry he shout at us all at home, he hit me, he throws my phone away” nah that’s bad habit. We all human beings here. I promise you whoever I date knows I don’t play the game of allowing you to be animal to a human being.

It’s OK to take your time and let everything sync in well alone. Keep a distance a bit then come back when you OK, so we can talk about it.. But don’t ghost me. Noo, that’s emotional abuse,lets be civilised about this, obviously if you are my kind of boyfriend I can never do something that will open the roof by just breathing heavily. Try to get the context, where I come from with and then we will take it from then.

Imagine you did something he doesn’t like in public and BOOM! he snap at you and cause a scene in front of people YOOH I can’t YOOH😭😭

It’s more like having a feminist with an anti-feminist man together. Let’s take a minute and visualise them. I promise the fights won’t end anytime now,peace? Not even. This is water and oil. So its important to know your kind of boyfriend.

2 “How you perceive the society”

You know when you hear there is a commotion at home, you shouldn’t be worried as to “I don’t know what’s gonna happen” now you all scared nah. You must not be sure of what he will do specifically right but be sure he will take care of the situation either way and not in a nonsensical way.

I personally have a problem with a boyfriend who treat people like trash and treat me like a queen, what does that mean? But if as a girlfriend that’s how you treat other people then you guys surely will get along because it’s normal to you Or if you ignorant enough/ selfish you won’t have a problem too, I mean he is not doing that too you.

My boyfriend should be my other version for as much as I am his. He should be my boyfriend all the time not sometimes.

It shouldn’t be a one sided relationship Nah.. Our hearts are all made of Gold #iamjustsaying🤷‍♀️. And not Metal for heaven sake. I don’t live to make enemies…I just want to be happy and that’s all.

Open to different views.

2 Thoughts

  1. Straight if he is not 90% then it’s a waste of time for the both of you. Most ladies fall into flop relationships because they focus more on physical matters and forgetting about the important things like understanding emotionally and mentally.


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