But then the INSTAGRAM Stigma🤔

You know Instagram seem to be one of the modest and latest social network used to share pictures and videos plus now it has what is called IGTV. I really doubt it has that much difference from Facebook. I think it just doesn’t give a fair share or caption visibility like Facebook but apart from that it’s just one thing.

It’s a norm that women are always taking pictures and they only feel better or at peace when they posted them and getting so many likes and comments then now it confirms and also gives a certain assurity to their look which also grabs attentions of others provided it can help you make money through brands and others.


I don’t understand why people are torturing themselves, living a hard knock life behind the scene all in the name of “fitting in”. Well I understand we women and would want to be perceived to be loving ourselves enough and being able to look good. It’s fine it happens but can we not live beyond our stage? We need to be at peace. It’s good to be at peace in front of us and another thing to be at woe alone. Calling out depression from a distance, being reluctant whenever you have to do stuff because you ignorantaged yourself enough to always seek for approval before making a final decision. This is the part where I say you have reached “A point of no return”

The problem

It affects our thinking capacity. You turn to take weird decision because first thing that comes in your mind is the “unimportant” can I not disappoint my viewers,friends or guys. Well to some point everything you do has nothing to do with you but the public or the person you trying to impress. Unnecessary stress, Putting pressure at home, to your boyfriend or whoever is taking care of you. If you not stable enough, what makes you think the person next to you is, when you here trying to make them unstable. Also you know that human being never get satisfied hence you feel like you not good enough and try to become somebody else whom is also trying to be somebody else too. Your attitude will also speak louder and the pity part about it is, it will control you because your self-esteem is not consistance but depends on what’s happening around you.

You know depression can be caused by little things that can be curbed and maneuvered if you love yourself enough.

I am literally talking about those that knows their standard of living is at another level or rather say the forced struggling level, please don’t put other people under pressure, we can never be on the same lane and everything has stages trust me those others you see went through the process to get there whereas some it was just fortune so find your way to get there not this unhealthy short cuts of yours.

One thing I have learnt about these words “speed kills” its that you need to take your time because you might miss the little things that would have changed your life completely. #own_pace

I still say “We individuals and our approach is different”

Please stop comparing yourself with others

Instagram is just an upgraded version of Facebook but more visual than writing..

Open to opinions/ different views….

Picture : https://images.app.goo.gl/EBHBGpxvdcfSbbV69

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