South African Female Youtubers friendship!

I don’t know who is allergic to this but people have direction in life. I know some will literally say we fashionista too and can dress better.

That’s not the case. Have you ever heard of friendship with the same goals but realising their core competence as individuals?

Just look at #Kea moko and #khay Republik. The girls are flames with almost everything they portray to their audience. Friendship, confidence, YouTube channel, Instagram page and most of all their neatness God… I am really unable to can.

I am really not into clothes but believe me with these two I don’t mind.

You know why?

Friendship is one of the most important aspect of life, it plays a huge role in a person’s life.. It’s either I have a friend or none. I mean this person help you make decisions at times, you spend most times with and that means your énergies are being exchanged. Imagine your friend being in the same page with you, same goal, believe me things will just flow and Heaven will be opened for Y’all.

I am one of those who struggle to keep friends because I mean we have nothing to talk about, sometimes I get bored and sometimes you can’t do things because you have to bear your friend in mind.. Definitely not up for it.

Let’s talk about Kea and Khay

I don’t know them that much apart from following them and so far I can tell you they have different styles and approach beauty differently and what is intriguing is that they have different preferences of outfit but they all dealing with what is called “FASHION” and “BEAUTY”

Kea Moko. She is one of the most confident outfit influencer

I can sure tell you that Kea hardly wears sneakers and most of her post are heels. She has a balance a bit between skirts, dresses and pants and prefers dark colors, you would hardly find her in colorful outfit. Her YouTube channel location is also super neat. if you struggle with outfit at times I will definitely recommend you follow Kea Moko on her YouTube channel because she wears simple but classy and…….

Khay Republik. She is one of the neat beauty influencers

Khay also have her own colour psychology situation, I don’t know how she relates to orange/ light brown colour but whenever she wears she always want atleast something to spark her outfit. Her Instagram page is super neat I promise you. I always wonder how long it takes her to post because she must first calculate and make sure there are no noise in the picture. Yoh most importantly her affection to tight dresses and skirt and her make-up also does the most. Also recommend you to Follow her for beauty and outfit on Khay Republik

Pictures from Instagram and YouTube Channel.

Instagram :




2 Thoughts

  1. Yeah I guess it goes back to omens and for that there is nothing we can do about it.
    Atleast you know yourself enough to can separate between what’s good for you and what’s not and play safe.


  2. Wow this is interesting. Firstly nice writing, I’m impressed for a starter and I would say it shows you are passionate about this. Well, I’m not on instagram, I would follow them and yourself definitely. You see when it comes to friendship,I agree with you and the thing is things change as we grow up. We can have same goals,dreams and all,get along very well but later on we start seeing things differently. You know you can’t change yourself just to fit in with certain people, thou we should accept each other the way we are. But myself now, I don’t really have a friend which we share almost common thing because now almost of my friends or people my age have kids and I don’t, others are about to start their families and are married. So I find it boring to hang around with them because we now speak different languages but we still remain friends

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