Best 2 Christian movies I can’t get enough of.

I realised I can watch this two movies every night before I sleep not because they well executed but because of the strong message they convey / dessiminate to us or me specifically

Every movie has its own target market and I promise you this one has its own and also accommodate those open minded and watch it to get the purpose of it.

These are actually must watch movies.

What I like the most about this two movies are that. 1. Do not judge other people. 2. Realise the fact that we individuals and allows everyone to respond to situations in different ways. 3. Self Conscious


One of the most powerful movie.only God can help you save your marriage if you let him.

There are only few scenes that stood out for me which even now I still appreciate and live by them. The first one was the one when the lady visited the old lady for a tea in the morning. The old lady made her a warm tea based on their conversation she couldn’t drink it because it was warm. For me it made me realise that you can not be neutral in some situations. You need to decide, its either you cold or hot. The other one was when the old lady was asking her if she will ever forgive her husband, she claimed she can’t and kept mentioning the things he did to her but the old lady was not interested in those because she knows everyone live according to their comfortabilities for as long as they don’t see anything wrong or they don’t face any problems it seems fine. The old lady gave her a different perception of life by asking her if she ever did anything wrong and what’s not, also telling her that if God can forgive her why can’t she forgive him too. There are no difference and also that she must stop fighting what is beyond her control and let God take over,since then things got better even though it was tough and sometimes tempting.The man had to change on his own and decide to do the right thing even though he knows the result of it and réaliséd the importance of family too.

Using an old lady to drive the story made more sense to me because they usually have experience and they don’t have time to cause drama. All they want is to pass their treasures to the next generation.

Most man struggle to réalise that even now. They think money solve everything. Sometimes it’s the love and your time that matters the most in the family. Feeling the presence of a father figure or husband is a whole mood itself.


If he loves you he would do whatever it takes to make you happy and alive. This movie proved it.

I was at awe with the scene wherby the guy had to respect the fact that she is a virgin n never tried to take advantage plus he was not pretending. He followed the verdict between them until they get married. The most important one was when he made a promise to God when the girl was in comma. They were in church that day when he decided to fulfill his promise without even consulting with the same person who made him do the promise, he knew it was between him and God. At some point there was a scene about the parents of the girls who are strong believers but judge other people which also brings the controversy of Christianity.

I love the fact that they used a former drug dealer to drive the story because with them its hard to leave their work especially if you were deep in it. To prove it he was still intact with his friends but no longer involved in their business but assist them whenever it was necessary. Also it seems like these kind of people build family bond instead of friendship.

I learn a lot from the two movies whenever I watch them. People only remember God when in trouble or pool of confusion forgetting that there will always be barriers in life, if made a promise to God stick to it.In a nutshell they remind me to always pray and thank him for everything he does for me, those I see and those I don’t. To keep the faith, to give him time to work things out, he deal with us in different ways, and most importantly to bear in mind that there are certain battles which I can’t fight them myself..

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