Does make-up re-unite friends?

I know we individuals and approach life in different angles but somethings raise an eye brow.. I am not complaining but just curious.

To cut the story short

It was on my graduation day when I decided to put my make-up on but because I can’t do it myself I had to pay someone to do it for me #Dont_judge_me. Believe me I looked amazing and also felt the sense of a woman hahah kidding! But I looked good. I still remember I was the first one on the front raw when our lecturers came in and she smiled and said you beautiful. I know most of y’all will say but then it’s normal and you used to it. True but this is a different situation. I promise you I am not overreacting. We took pictures as usual n had to leave to the mall for family dinner. I couldn’t stop taking pictures and videos if I wanted I would have started my vlog then but ey it was a once off thing.

Posting the picture

Yooh when I posted, it was traffic of texts saying I look beau and all but what amazed me and left me curious. All those old friends whom are currently living the life starting to talk to me, loving n commenting on my pictures OK wait? What’s happening? Is that what it takes to get my friends back? Make-up?

My aim was to enjoy my simple life with my loyal skin care lotions #Gentlemagic / @Gentlemagic soap and syrum only. I started using it since 2014 it never disappointed me even though sometimes I feel like it gives me comeplexion and I spend a week washing my face with only water just to maintain my skin colour also because my skin was very oily and tried different products which didn’t make justice to my face.

Should I let peer pressure to pressurize me to make-up yoh ai wait guys I can’t……..this situation is not in sync.

I think I should take my time.

2 Thoughts

  1. Lols you looked good I must say and wouldn’t mind to get used to you with it, but is also ok not to do it because is not your thing. And I’m sure you would also want to look beautiful always, but that doesn’t mean without make up you are not beautiful. The question is you don’t like putting on make up or is because you can’t do it yourself, loll…


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