I’m a solitude for days, when it comes to friends

2 reasons I prefer to be the second solitude.

People prefer to always associate with others which is a good thing but Being me is different. I do associate with people and also comfortable in my own space, I am very much observant and dinstant.

1. Making your own decision.

I always feel like I am odd at times when I find myself not being a fan of groups because I think a lot and observe a lot which helps me rate almost every decision I make. I just don’t like to be in groups always and waiting for someone to tell us where to go, what to do and when or rather not being independent mentally because now I will be waiting for confirmation or other people’s opinion before I make a decision No! guys I don’t work like that.

2. Avoid unnecessary regrets and blaming others

So this other day in high school doing my matric 2013, I was with my friends. Don’t get me wrong I do have friends but I just don’t prefer to be around them always just to breathe atleast. So they literally decided we must cross night right? During study time, one decides to meet their boyfriend and brings pizza the other followed while others are left trying to catch up. Mhmm you won’t believe, we couldn’t finish the scope and we decided to assist each other during the test the following day but being me I couldn’t join I mean I don’t do what I don’t understand. They were cought OK, I was in the other class at that time and they passed very well better than me now they all didn’t have a problem with that and laughed about it.

So the distance made justice because I was now unapologetic about what I do neither to worry about them anymore and my grades increased and yes the teacher was happy. That has always been me just I decided to have a group of friends at a certain time I don’t know if it was the right time or not,even though I was still me the only problem was the image was one its like we took a group picture but I am up the on the roof claiming to be unique.

Guess what?

The teacher called me instead and said girl what happened? Well she knows we friends. I couldn’t lie and I couldn’t tell the whole truth as well. I had to tell them what I know and about what happened in the class I was not involved guys but being me I had to distance myself from them not because I wanted to be alone but to avoid now having to be the one getting them into trouble.

But the question was???

Now the teachers knows we friends hence they called me to provide what I know and that means they regard me as them just they know with me you will always get the truth.

But do I blame them for putting me in the same spot as them? Or do I just take it as it and say atleast I was not involved in the cheating game? console myself?

Do I regret ever agreeing to be part of them and be like I will never be friends with such people? Or do I regret not joining them and get high grades because the matter didn’t go far apart from just being shouted at?

Please share your view on this. D

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